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Our new site is dedicated on bringing about a solution to the endless debate on how to keep children safe on the internet, how to teach them good habits, and teaching them how to spot signs of danger.

Though everyone that engages socially online faces the difficult problem of knowing whether people we meet are who they say they are. We are all susceptible to over sharing, being catfished, and identity theft, even as adults. The idea is teach good habits to our children so they are less likely to encounter such issues when they grow up.

Parents and caregivers should know that when surfing the Internet, kids may come across websites which contain images that are pornographic, racist, sexist, violent, demeaning, or fake information. For children, it is often difficult for them to be able to differentiate between right and wrong information. We should remember that even newspapers and print publish articles and content which are not factually correct. So we should always assume that the Internet, given how easy it is to publish something, the volume of false information is much higher.

Please join in and share your views as well as we always try to improve our messages.